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 La Frenz Winery

Niva Martin

Niva Martin


Niva Martin, Proprietor/Administration Manager

Niva spent her early childhood growing up on a small vineyard in the Riverina region of Australia. Niva’s parents, originally from the Veneto region famous for its Prosecco, instilled in her a great appreciation of family and hard work as well a passion for wine and food. She has fond memories, as a child, of family gatherings with good food and wine “al fresco” style.

After helping establish LA FRENZ from the very beginning, which in the early days included everything from planting grapes to bottling and sales, she now manages the day to day administration for the company.

Niva has been fortunate to have visited some of the premier wine regions of Europe, Chile, Argentina, Australia and the United States to learn their traditions and best practices.


Niva firmly believes that the Okanagan Valley has rapidly become one of those premier regions over the past two decades.

“It’s very fulfilling to see the valley today, well recognized for its fantastic locally grown produce, excellent restaurants and wines that continue to win major awards on the world stage”.