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 La Frenz Winery



Rob Ludwig (28 April 2021)
Comment: Always a favourite in our house!!

Kristina Morrison (4 April 2020)
Comment: Amazing choice every year!

Jenny (22 April 2020)
Review: I found this wine a couple of years ago on a quick trip to Penticton for a weekend and can not get enough of it! It is perfect for a nice night sitting on a patio sipping. Beware - it goes down far too easy and far too fast. Delicious!

Karen (2 May 2020)
Review: LOVE this wine - can’t wait to get more! It does go down very easily though.

Jennifer (21 May 2020)
Review: Alexandria is actually my favourite wine in the world. It is so fresh and delicious, I stock up every summer. I was so excited to see free shipping for 6+ bottles!! Highly recommend. My mom and sisters also love it.

Devi (8 Mar 2021)
Review: This is truly one of the best wines I have had. Stumbled across the winery by accident on our holidays to BC, as we took the wrong route many years ago and have been ordering it since. I can see why it sells out so quickly. It is number on on my list of wines!!

Brenda (9 Mar 2021)
Review: This is my very favourite wine. It is fruity and smooth. It goes down much too quickly so make sure to stock up.


Lisa Sherbinin (2 May 2020)
Review: We absolutely loved this wine. It is extremely enjoyable on its own and was delicious with a nice steak dinner too.

Vincent Fournier (30 May 2020)
Review: A superb wine in the 2017 vintage. Flavoury with a super clean and expressive fruit. Also offering some complexity. Silky tanins and a nice finnish. Super well made. Excellent quality at this price.


Ellie (9 May 2021)
Review: Delicious!

Karen (9 June 2020)
Review: Love the Chardonnay. Think they make the best one in the area. Always guarantee of a fabulous white wine. Fully recommend it to anyone. Thinking of ordering a few more.

Desperation Hill Pinot Noir

Terry Sorenson (18 April 2020)
Review: Definite dark cherry on the nose, a smoke taste at first but it soften out as the wine got some air time. Paired with Beef Stroganoff.


Richard Paquin (4 August 2020)
Review: Very good taste drank it with oysters very good.

Robert Hirzer (12 Nov 2020)
Review: This white Bordeaux style blend (65% Sauvignon Blanc and 35% Semillon) with tropical leanings is dangerously easy to drink (“Ensemble’s responsible, Constable”). The clean, subtle nose features lime and ginger highlights. Eponymously accurate as this combo melds seamlessly into a harmonious duet with neither grape variety singing solo. The lean and long chorus of melon, kiwi and chamomile lingers with an incredible resonance that almost outlasts your average American election...minus the hubris and vitriol, of course.

Paul Rodham (8 Mar 2020)
Review: Exceptional wine and good value.

Liqueur Muscat

Tracy (18 Oct 2020)
Review: One of our favorite wines. Fell in love with it on first tasting.

Marilyn (7 Mar 2021)
Review: Fantastic. Couldn't be better!


Colleen Mcdonald (5 Nov 2020)
Review: I discovered this Malbec while visiting on Vancouver Island and came home and ordered a case!


Anik (28 April 2020)
Review: Merlot 2016: Such a pleasure to enjoy this wonderful wine. Beautiful site with amazing views. Would love to return and visit💖

Amber (14 May 2020)
Review: This is my all time favourite red wine. I dream of it!

Dennis (12 June 2020)
Review: The 2017 Merlot, like the ones before it, is just nectar of the Gods.

Pinot Noir Rosé

Cindy Kelly (28 May 2020)
Review: This rosé blew my socks off. Easily one of the best from the Okanagan and in good company with Culmina and Little Engine rosés.

Reserve Chardonnay

Gale Dawson (9 June 2020)
Review: Love this smooth Chardonnay!

Cam Alexson (7 Dec 2020)
Review: Loving this rich La Frenz Chardonnay that rivals signature wines of California and France. Waiting impatiently for next years allocation.

Reserve Pinot Noir

James Reaugh (27 Feb 2021)
Review: A very complex, unique pinot - more full-bodied. Black tea, baking spice & Satsuma orange aromas – following a 60-minute decant. Young, but the potential is obvious already. Fruit comes through on the palate with raspberry leading the way. Delicate, silky texture with forest floor & caramel notes on a medium+ finish. If you are a fan of BC Pinots, this is one you should try. You will like.

Riesling Clone 49

Kelsey Cronk (29 June 2020)
Review: This is an excellent Riesling. It has a sweetness that is delicious both with food or a glass (or two!) on it's own on the back deck with a good book.

Sauvignon Blanc

Harris (8 May 2021)
Review: ans nul doute, l’un des meilleurs sauvignons canadiens.

Henny Laurin (7 May 2021)
Review: Beautiful on the nose - perfectly balanced - very fresh and nice lingering finish.

Hazel Bergen (2 May 2021)
Review: Really enjoyed this wine.

Martin Askew (19 July 2020)
Review: The 2019 Sauvignon Blanc offering is outstanding in every way. It is neither French, New Zealand nor Chilean. The wine is balanced in every way possible. This year's vintage allows the grape to shine in the bottle. A winner, that won't break the bank and head and shoulders over any import from the Marlborough or France. It possess a style all on its own. Jeff and his team congratulations for a job well done.

Linda McGuire (2 Feb 2021)
Review: I tried this wine for the first time last week and I thought it was excellent. I am a Marlborough white wine drinker and I think this may be my new favorite. It is dry and crisp and has a lovely fruity flavor. I will be stocking my wine fridge with this one!


Henry Laurin (7 May 2021)
Review: Great minerality on the nose - silky lemon/lime on the palate and creamy long finish - love this.

Shiraz Passimento

Carl Boucher (9 Oct 2020)
Review: Deep Delicious. If you like amarone, you will love this wine Once again, an excellent product Thank you.

Unoaked Chardonnay

Deirdre McCarvill (20 Mar 2021)
Review: The truth is, I don't enjoy Chardonnay wine. We were guests at a friend's home and were served this wine ... I asked for a refill because it was so delicious and then had to ask for the name of it. Rarely have I enjoyed a wine as much as this one. Thank you!!

Vintage Port

Norman Henze (28 Sept 2020)
Review: Spent a few days in Kelowna just recently. Dropped into you winery but you were booked up and pretty much sold out of most wine. So I purchased this and the tawny port. I can only say that the classic vintage port is fabulous. I will be ordering some from you.


Nicole Isherwood (29 April 2021)
Review: lovely, buttery with a hint of pink grapefruit. Can't get enough of this one

Sandra Giese (30 Sept 2020)
Review: This Viognier is outstanding! It is the best viognier I have tasted and look forward to purchasing more. Bravo to all involved at La Frenz!


Robert Hirzer (8 August 2020)
Review: 2018 La Frenz Vivant (Okanagan) A Rhône-style white blend (74% Viognier, 13% Roussanne) topped up with a glug of Chardonnay (13%). The squeaky clean nose of citrus blossom, Tuscan melon and peach is echoed in the taste. A full bodied, oily, tropical bruiser oozing nectarine, orange and lime, softly rounded by French oak. This wine exudes complexity while still being oh so approachable, brims with alcohol (14.6%) yet doesn’t feel hot, and bears a grand gravitas but just wants to have fun. Imagine Winston Churchill in Bermuda shorts ready for beer pong. Wonderful.