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 La Frenz Winery

Rattlesnake Vineyard

Rattlesnake Vineyard


Rattlesnake Vineyard

Rattlesnake Vineyard is the winery site at Randolph Rd and is also known as our home block vineyard. This vineyard was aptly named by Elise, Jeff & Niva's youngest daughter, after the intruder that visits every summer.

Planted in 1999, this is our very first vineyard and it is a relatively elevated site with great soils, aspect and air drainage. The surrounding hillsides provide ample wind protection compared to vineyards closer to Lake Okanagan, resulting in a more temperate and steady accumulation of heat units.

With careful canopy management we are able to manipulate the clearly defined aromatics in the  white grape varietals and to provide more exposure to promote the tannin ripeness and colour in the red grape varietals.

Technical data

Location: Naramata Bench
Elevation: 1500'
Aspect: Westerly
Rainfall: Average 13"
Soil: Glacial boulder clay/loam
Varietals: Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Viognier, Merlot and Shiraz
Acreage: 9
Average growing degree: 1400 hours
Overall suitability: Class 1 (BC Grape Atlas)