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Jeff Martin
September 28, 2017 | Jeff Martin

What's keeping them awake?

Back in May, Konrad Ejbich from Quench Magazine interviewed a group of award winning Naramata Bench wineries about climate change and as expected each Winemaker gave a different vision about the topic.  What keeps you awake at night was the second question and here is the answer:

CLIMATE CHANGE: Yes, I have seen global warming. Last year, when we had a season with El Niño water
currents, we had the earliest season I’ve ever seen. You learn to adjust what you’re doing in the vineyard depending on if it’s a cool or a hot year. We’ve seen a few degrees of warming, but from our perspective,
we can adjust for that because we’re already in a cooler area.

WHAT KEEPS YOU AWAKE: "Getting sick and not living a century. Really? Look at me. I’m playing my own game and having a ton of fun. I live in a place that’s unbelievably beautiful. I have a successful
business. I work with a great crew of people. Why would I worry?"

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