#1 Best Performing Small Winery of the Year #2 Winery of the Year

2021 WineAlign National Wine Awards


LA FRENZ farms for flavour

With 62 acres across 6 vineyards, five on the famous Naramata Bench and one on the hotter Golden Mile, Oliver LA FRENZ has intentionally planted varieties and clones specifically suited to these sites.  Though Quality class 1 land is the foundation, LA FRENZ does not discount the human factor required to constantly adjust each growing season, to achieve the quality and flavour profile we are looking for in our fruit.

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From humble beginnings (combined with a lot of hard work)…

“When my wife Niva and I were enticed to join the emerging Canadian wine industry in 1994, it was obvious to us that the Naramata Bench, with its cool dry desert climate, glacial soils and pristine landscapes overlooking Lake Okanagan were infinitely suited to producing world class wines. In 1999, together with our young daughters Jessica and Elise, we established the Rattlesnake Vineyard along with the winery and wine shop and so our dream was born”.

 – Jeff Martin, Founder –


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